Author: Cohasset Master Plan


Feb. 28 Public Forum

The Cohasset Master Plan Committee and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council held a public forum on February 28, 2018 to gather input from community members on their visions for the future of the town. Attendees had the opportunity to contribute to the plan’s vision statement and indicate places in town where they believed improvements and attention is needed. During the meeting, attendees interacted with five maps asking where housing and commercial development should be targeted, how Cohasset should be preparing for climate change and sea level rise, where to create options for safe walking and biking, what improvements they would...


Vision Statement

Cohasset’s Master Plan envisions a vibrant and engaging community. Cohasset is a unique seaside community known for its panoramic beauty, plentiful open space, natural resources, and a firm commitment to providing a high quality of life for all its residents. As depicted on the town seal, the Master Plan fosters stewardship of Cohasset’s core assets: coastline and topography, town governance, community and education, and our New England heritage. By harnessing these core assets and working with mutual respect, the Master Plan seeks to preserve and promote the ideals that are most highly valued by our community.  


Phase I

Before the Cohasset Planning Board started the Master Planning process, they implemented Phase I of the Master Plan, a townwide visioning process intended to identify town sentiment regarding the future of Cohasset. Citizen input determined what issues should be highlighted for study and analysis during the larger and more detailed Master Plan process. Phase I gathered public input through a forum and survey to provide a picture of how the town might wish to see itself in 10 years. The Town of Cohasset and Metropolitan Area Planning Council sponsored an Open House on Saturday, March 5, 2016 for a day...