Welcome to the Cohasset Master Plan Website!

This website is the central portal for everything you need to know about the Cohasset Master Plan, including how to get involved with the process.

The Town of Cohasset is working on its first Master Plan since 2004. This process started in 2016 with a Phase 1 Visioning that included public meetings and culminated in a report. Since 2017, the Cohasset Master Plan Committee has been working on Phase 2 of the master planning process. We expect to complete the final Master Plan report and implementation plan by December 2018.

The Cohasset Master Plan Committee is a publicly-appointed board which includes citizens from the planning board, selectmen, a citizen-at-large, and one member from each of the the following committees: conservation, schools, zoning board, capital budget, affordable housing, and alternative energy.

We hope that the Cohasset Master Plan website, Facebook page, and upcoming public forums will engage the community in the planning process and help the committee gather important input and feedback on elements of the Master Plan as it develops during 2018.

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